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Ryedale Testing

We take the hassle out of testing calculations by providing a quick, accurate and integrated service... all under one roof.

With more than 35 years of professional experience in the building industry we are committed to helping you painlessly meet the required building standards... and your deadlines. If you urgently need a test within 72 hours use our emergency service.

In accordance with the most recent building regulations approved documents, we are licensed to air tightness test all building types and issue certificates as required. Why is air testing important? Air leakage, or uncontrolled ventilation, accounts for a significant proportion of heat loss and CO² emissions from buildings; in addition, properties that meet the latest requirements can cost less to build and are considered easier to sell.

We also undertake acoustic testing of buildings, sometimes referred to as sound testing or pre-completion testing, in order to meet the requirements of Building Regulations Part 'E'. From our experience we can also offer advice on likely performance and upgrading to existing structures.

    Air Tightness and Acoustic Testing under one roof means a seamless and integrated approach to managing the latest regulations on your behalf
    Local testing and regional affiliations means less travelling time and generous discounts for multiple tests means lower costs to you
    A qualified architect and envelope calculations checked on the latest CAD software means you have increased confidence with accurate results
    If your completion timelines have slipped we will test for you Sundays and through the night if required