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Acoustic Testing

Ryedale Testing can also provide you with sound testing to meet the requirements of Building Regulations Schedule 1 Part E and Approved Document 'E'. This is sometimes known as "Pre-Completion Testing" and involves the proving of separating elements (walls and floors) to show they meet the requirements for sound insulation contained in these documents.

Testing Procedures

Single Visit Testing

Where appropriate we offer customers acoustic testing in conjunction with air tightness testing and give attractive discounts for this procedure.

Using Brüel & Kjær equipment, which is recognised as an Industry leader, we can provide on the spot reporting of results.

When required, we can offer customers advice on constructions that will meet statutory requirements. This can be particularly useful for "change of use" projects that involve the upgrading of existing walls and floors.

Over a number of years we have built up a database of successfully tested constructions to assist in advising customers of the likely performance of various structural elements. We also utilise prediction software to give likely performance data.

Code for Sustainable Homes

We can test separating floors and walls to demonstrate the necessary improvements over Building Regulation requirements in order to achieve points under Hea 2 - Sound Insulation.

Achieving the Results

Check list - prior to the tests:

  • Building works substantially complete and construction details followed
  • Trickle vents in place (or temporarily sealed)
  • Internal doors in place and closable
  • Power/light sockets in place on party walls
  • All wall, floor and ceiling surfaces in rooms to be tested are complete
  • Cornice and skirting boards in place
  • Carpets or timber laminates have not been laid in rooms to be tested
  • Power/light sockets in place
  • Power sockets are live or other 240v supply available
  • Rooms to be tested must be clear of building materials
  • Access to rooms either side of party structures


To ensure we offer the most competitive price we estimate each project separately, with attractive discounts available for multiple tests. Our price structure is transparent and this allows customers to tailor their requirements by adding or subtracting tests should this be appropriate.