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Extract fan testing

We offer extract fan testing, either in conjunction with air tightness testing or as an independent service.

Many Building Control Bodies (BCB's), including NHBC are now requesting commissioning data for extract fans to prove compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document 'F' and the Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide.
This requires, in addition to commissioning details, air flow measurement tests to be executed with UKAS calibrated equipment.

As buildings become more airtight, as a result of legislation, more reliance is placed upon mechanical or passive ventilation to provide a healthy environment within dwellings. Correct ventilation ensures adequate fresh air and minimises heat losses.

We have the very latest automatic flow meter, with which to measure air flows. The method we use is referred to as the Unconditional Method. This gives a very accurate indication of air flows without the need for pressure drop compensation.
Another method (known as The Conditional Method) must be used with equipment such as rotating vane anemometers, air capture hoods, thermal anemometers and differential pressure anemometers. When the fan is tested the reading must be adjusted to allow for the make and model of fan and the test equipment being used. In many cases, conversion factors from the fan manufacturer are not readily available and this can cause incorrect results (or fails), particularly if the flows involved are low and the extractor fan develops very little pressure to overcome the losses in the test equipment. In some cases the fan can "stall" and this results in no reading on the test equipment. The fan manufacturers tread a fine line between performance, power consumption and of course, price.

Ryedale Testing can give your fan installation the most accurate flow measurement currently available.

Installation and commissioning of extract fans is an important part of meeting these Building Regulation requirements and we are able to give practical guidance to customers on how to ensure their installations will best meet the required standards.