Ryedale Testing House Architects Acoustic

Terms & Conditions

In the Terms & Conditions described below, "RATT" means Ryedale Air Tightness Testing (registered office: Cedar Studio Designs Limited, 42 Town Street, Old Malton, Malton, YO17 7HD), also referred to throughout the RATT website as "we", "us" and "our". The "company" or "client" is the company or individual who RATT have been contracted to perform services for.

  1. 1) Some tests cannot be conducted when wind speeds exceed 13 mph, RATT reserve the right to postpone agreed test date as required.
  2. 2) Not less than 48 hours notice is required for any changes to the agreed date/time of testing.
  3. 3) RATT cannot be held responsible for any damage to the decor of the property throughout the testing process.
  4. 4) All properties & units required for testing should be ready for testing in accordance with guidelines agreed by the company (see above).
  5. 5) Results and Certificates will not be released until payment has been received unless by prior arrangements.
  6. 6) Provision of 240v electricity is required, prior notification is required if only 110v will be available.
  7. 7) Acceptance of prices and services quoted by RATT should preferably be communicated in writing or via email by the client and should be considered binding.
  8. 8) All prices quoted exclude VAT.